The Memory Resource Room is back open for appointments. If you would like to meet to explore our resources or discuss any issues you are experiencing, please do not hesitate to get in touch (086 787 1818).

The Dementia Advisor Service is also available via phone contact. If you would like to discuss any issues you or your loved ones are experiencing you can contact Amy Murphy on 086 781 2217.

Unfortunately our group based sessions (Singing for the Brain, Exercising for the Brain, Support Group, Social Club and Family Information Sessions) continue to be on hold. We have no dates yet for resumption of these services but will let you know as soon as they are resuming.

If you would like to virtually avail of Singing for the Brain, Support Sessions or Family information sessions services, please get in touch. The latter two services are nationally led.

Individual Family Support Sessions – these sessions continue to be on hold as our Family Support Worker is on maternity leave. To discuss this services you can contact Sheena on 086 787 1818.